XXXXXXXXXXXX72 Hour Kit: Food and Water

A three day supply of food and water, per person, when no refrigeration or cooking is available

Protein/Granola Bars
Trail Mix/Dried Fruit
Crackers/Cereals (for munching)
Canned Tuna, Beans, Turkey, Beef, Vienna Sausages, etc
Canned Juice
Hard Candy/Gum
Water (1 Gallon/4 Liters Per Person)

Bedding and Clothing

Change of Clothing (short and long sleeved shirts, pants, jackets, socks, etc.)
Rain Coat/Poncho
Blankets and Emergency Heat Blanks (that keep in warmth)
Cloth Sheet
Plastic Sheet

Fuel and Light

Battery Lighting (Flashlights, Lamps, etc.) Don't forget batteries!
Extra Batteries
Water-Proof Matches


Can Opener
Radio (with batteries!)
Pen and Paper
Pocket Knife
Personal Supplies and Medication

First Aid Supplies

Toiletries (roll of toilet paper- remove the center tube to easily flatten into a zip-lock bag, feminine hygiene, folding brush, etc.)
Cleaning Supplies (mini hand sanitizer, soap, shampoo, dish soap, etc.)
Immunizations Up-to Date
Medication (Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen, children's medication etc.)
Prescription Medication (for 3 days)

Personal Documents and Money (Place these items in a water-proof container!)

Genealogy Records
Patriarchal Blessing
Legal Documents (Birth/Marriage Certificates, Wills, Passports, Contracts, etc)
Vaccination Papers
Insurance Policies
Credit Card
Pre-Paid Phone Cards
Bag(s) to put 72 Hour Kit items in (such as duffel bags or back packs, which work great) Make sure you can lift/carry it!
Infant Needs (if applicable)—formula, bottles, pacifiers, baby food, diapers, wipes.



xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxWeekly Preparedness Goals

1. Obtain a suitable 72-hour kit container (backpack, duffel bag, garbage can w/ lid, etc.)
2. Check the batteries in your smoke detector
3. Place a flashlight next to your bed and one in an alternate location; check batteries
4. Add 1 1/2 gallons of water per person to 72-hour kit
5. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
6. Add a can opener to 72-hour kit
7. Add 2 cans tuna fish/canned meat to 72-hour kit
8. Add 1 large roll paper towels to 72-hour kit
9. Add 1 blanket to 72-hour kit
10. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
11. Add 4 rolls toilet paper to 72-hour kit
12. Add 1 bar of soap to 72-hour kit
13. Add stress relief factors to 72-hour kit (books, magazines, coloring books, games)
14. Add pocket/utility knife to 72-hour kit
15. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
16. Add 1 container of baby wipes to 72-hour kit
17. Add 1-2 changes of clothing to 72-hour kit
18. Add 48 ounces of non-carbonated canned juice to 72-hour kit (date for rotation)
19. Add 1 can of fruit, 1 can of vegetables to 72-hour kit (date for rotation)
20. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
21. Add 1 box of matches to 72-hour kit
22. Add hard candy (jolly ranchers, lifesavers) to 72-hour kit
23. Add 1 1/2 lb peanut butter to 72-hour kit
24. Add Ziploc bags (variety of sizes) to 72-hour kit
25. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
26. Check the batteries in your smoke detector. Practice escape routes.
27. Add 1 box of crackers to 72-hour kit
28. Add plastic utensils to 72-hour kit
29. Add a large candle to 72-hour kit
30. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
31. Add 1 lb. Graham crackers to 72-hour kit
32. Add flashlight to 72-hour kit; check batteries
33. Add disinfectant (betadine, bleach, sterile wipes, hand sanitizer) to 72-hour kit
34. Add paper cups to 72-hour kit
35. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
36. Add basic first aid kit to 72-hour kit
37. Add 1 lb dried fruit to 72-hour kit
38. add 1/2 lb non-fat dried milk to 72-hour kit
39. Add battery powered radio to 72-hour kit; check batteries
40. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
41. Add items related to individual medical needs to 72-hour kit
42. Add diapers, feminine hygiene supplies to 72-hour kit
43. Add toothbrush and 1 tube of toothpaste to 72-hour kit
44. Add hand shovel to 72-hour kit
45. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
46. Verify each family member's tetanus immunization is up to date
47. Add 1 large roll heavy duty aluminum foil to 72-hour kit
48. Add 1 axe to 72-hour kit
49. Add paper plates to 72-hour kit
50. Add $10 cash to 72-hour kit
51. Add 1-2 boxes pre-sweetened cereal to 72-hour kit
52. Add photocopies of personal documents to 72-hour kit (wills, insurance policies, birth certificates). Send 1 copy to family member/friend in separate location