Gardening Tips Featured throughout the year

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January - Join a Garden Group and/or Network w/ Gardeners or farmers

February - Learn how to make and use a cold frame greenhouse, continue making
friends w/ gardeners and/or farmers, Growing Seeds Indoors

March - Preparing Soil and garden area, learn how to grow a VERTICAL garden

April - Planting, Harvesting Spring produce

May - Tilling and Planting, Harvesting Spring produce

June - Weeding, watering, enjoying spring produce

July - Harvesting, planting, Learning how to barter w/ produce

August - Harvesting: Dehydrating

September - Harvesting: Freezing

October - Harvesting: Canning

November - Harvesting: Juicing

December - Giving gifts from your harvest

Appliances to be featured throughout the year

January: Slow Cooker (Crock Pot)

Other money and time saving appliances we'll talk about are...

Wheat Grinder
Grinder for Flax Seed (I use a small Coffee Grinder)
Mixer (I prefer a Bosch Mixer)
Popcorn Popper
Pressure Cooker
Steam Canner
Bread Maker (for 1 loaf of bread)

Legumes featured this year

Pinto Beans
Black Beans
Kidney Beans
Great Northern White Beans
16 Bean Soup Mix
Red Beans
Navy Beans
Garbanzo Beans
Azuki Beans
Black eyed Peas
Fava Beans

Whole Grains featured throughout the year

A Whole Wheat recipe will be featured each month.

Cracked Wheat (Bulgur)
Cornmeal and Popcorn
Brown Rice
Seven Grain Rolled Mix
Multi Grain Mix

January Provident Living Workshop and Dinner, January 9, 2010

Provident Living Workshop and Dinner
Saturday, January 9, 2010

One-hour workshop will include:

Personal Goals for 2010: Create your own Box of whole grains and legumes, then practice using something from "your box" on a DAILY basis.
Click here to learn more about what I put in my box. I promote this as "Sheryl's Healthy Home Cooking Service"
7 Key Foods to Incorporate into life every day
5 Goals to aim for EVERY time you put food in your mouth
Making meals healthier
Making delicious meals by spending very little money
Making meals quick and easy to prepare
"What's Your Number?" Game of the Month (ways to measure your success)

Monthly Challenge
Grain of the Month
Legume of the Month
Water Tip of the Month
Powdered Milk Recipe of the Month
Garden Tip of the Month

Household Tip of the Month
Featured Breakfast of the Month
Featured Appliance of the Month
Dessert of the Month
Whole Wheat Demo & Recipe of the Month

10 Minute Cooking Demo

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Breakfast of the Month!


Seven Grain Rolled Mix Hot Cereal
Oatmeal Hot Cereal
Cracked Wheat hot Cereal
Muesli, European Whole Grain Cold Cereal
Freshly Ground Whole Wheat Pancakes w/ Maple Syrup
Freshly Ground Whole Wheat Crepes
Whole Grain Cereal Buffet
Freshly Ground Whole Wheat Breakfast Cookie/Bar
Maple Apple Crisp
Maple Granola
Almond Granola
Banana Smoothie
Hot Chocolate Mix
Apple Spice Hot Cereal
Wheat Hearts
Brown Rice Hot Cereal
Whole Wheat Bread w/ Honey Butter
German Pancakes
Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls
Whole Wheat Bread w/ Scrambled Eggs

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