January Provident Living Workshop and Dinner, January 9, 2010

Provident Living Workshop and Dinner
Saturday, January 9, 2010

One-hour workshop will include:

Personal Goals for 2010: Create your own Box of whole grains and legumes, then practice using something from "your box" on a DAILY basis.
Click here to learn more about what I put in my box. I promote this as "Sheryl's Healthy Home Cooking Service"
7 Key Foods to Incorporate into life every day
5 Goals to aim for EVERY time you put food in your mouth
Making meals healthier
Making delicious meals by spending very little money
Making meals quick and easy to prepare
"What's Your Number?" Game of the Month (ways to measure your success)

Monthly Challenge
Grain of the Month
Legume of the Month
Water Tip of the Month
Powdered Milk Recipe of the Month
Garden Tip of the Month

Household Tip of the Month
Featured Breakfast of the Month
Featured Appliance of the Month
Dessert of the Month
Whole Wheat Demo & Recipe of the Month

10 Minute Cooking Demo

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