"What's Your Number?" Game of the Month (ways to measure your success)

I'll be updating details on all of my info. Check back often.

Monthly Challenges to help you measure your success

1) What can happen by saving just $10 a day

2) Avoid eating out for ONE month. Can you do it?

3) Avoid drinking Soft Drinks for one week or one month. Replace it by drinking more water. Can you do it?

4) Evaluate your lifestyle - Is it always hectic, stressful, frantic OR do you have some peaceful, more "in control" moments in your life. Focus on increasing quiet time.

5) $20 Challenge - How long can you live "comfortably" on $20. You can't borrow any food from anyone outside your home. You feed your family with what is already in your home. How long can you do that? 1 hour? 1 day? 1 week? 1 month? As you practice the principles I teach, the $20 bill will easily last you a month or longer. For me, when I do need to spend part of the $20, it would be on milk and eggs.

6) Cold Turkey Challenge - Similar to the $20 challenge EXCEPT there is no $20!!! How long can you comfortably live if you had NO money to spend on food OR food was not available outside your home. You could only eat what you had in your own home. How long could you last? 1 hour? 1 day? 1 week? 2 weeks? 1 month? Measure your progress today and in a month from now, as you start to apply the principles we teach in our Provident Living Workshops.

7) YOUR Wish list - Write it down - Ask yourself, "If I had a little more time or money, what would I really love to do or learn how to do?" Think of hobbies, sports, talents, classes, services to offer, places to go, etc. This "wish list" must exclude a few things (since these are the things most people generally reward themselves with first). It can't involve playing video games, surfing the net, watching TV, going to movies, eating out, or shopping.

8) Increase your network of people - start tonight by meeting someone new!

9) Bank Statements - You can learn a lot from this. Analyze how much you spend on food, clothing, etc. The object to the game is to "shrink" that number by ANY amount in one month from now. If using cash for purchases, make sure you track your expenses.

10) Increased amount of time and money you'll start to acquire. Prepare now or you'll lose it.