Why I am so passionate about Provident Living...

I love being a wife, mother and grandmother but I'm also passionate about being active and eating healthy. During the past several years, I have taught my signature class, “Feed a Family of Four on $160 a month” to adults in the Salt Lake City area.

I have been the student and the teacher in this experience. It has also been a blessing to help my own extended family along with every student who applied the principles that were taught.

As a member of the Salt Lake Tribune Newspaper “Money Matters Panel”, I have had opportunities to share my healthy eating, money-saving tips with many people. It all began early in our marriage, when my husband, Dave, got me hooked on eating more whole grains and legumes and encouraged me to make more healthy choices for our home cooked meals.

Besides eating healthier I am very enthusiastic to show off the financial benefits of this program, especially in today's economy! It's a VERY inexpensive way to eat, which is why I call my “healthy eating” class “Feed a Family of Four on $160/month”. Our economy is forcing everyone to be more concerned about spending less money rather than eating healthy, but the great news is... you can enjoy both! With the principles I teach, I hope to help families all over America "live and thrive" rather than just "survive".

In 2007, I also organized a local community Garden Group with plenty of local, fresh, organic, home grown fruits and vegetables! It has now expanded into multiple private backyard properties that my neighbors have allowed me to use for gardening. Our city mayor, Dennis Webb, loves what I'm doing and is helping me find new creative ways to help more citizens in our community eat fresh local organic food.
Why Am I Motivated?

During 30 years of marriage and raising four children, I have become very familiar with financial challenges due to layoffs. I've been through THREE of them as my husband has been laid off in the Computer Software field due to outsourcing and downsizing. We are currently unemployed again (our 3rd layoff), but LIFE IS GOOD due to following the principles and lessons of my own Feed a Family Class while living a more frugal lifestyle that I've been teaching about for so many years.

Because I know how to prepare and cook whole grains and legumes and supplement them with meat, fruits and veggies, I rarely have to go to a grocery store, which has saved our family a TON of money! I am eager to show others what I am doing and how it works for my family and me!

I personally know how just ONE layoff can financially devastate a person or family, but I've taken our own financial challenges and turned them into huge blessings and strengths, which has not only benefited my own family but has helped hundreds of other people in my community.

In addition to teaching classes, during the past 11 years I have been involved in distributing food to those in need, from stores that provided me with day old baked goods. Besides giving people food for the rest of my life, I want to teach people how to help themselves, and how they can start today, helping their own families who experience similar difficulties in feeding their family.

I teach students how they have more power than they realize to feed their families’ nutritious, inexpensive meals from scratch EVERY day of the year, with very little time and money invested. I have recently organized my new “Healthy Home Cooking Service” which has been a major project in the making! It is designed to "jump start" individuals who are overwhelmed with the thought of preparing and eating whole grains and legumes. I am anxious to help ease them into a whole new way of eating and living!
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