Excellent Resources that I displayed at our February Workshop

Just in case: How to be self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens, by Kathy Harrison. Prepare for an emergency, Assess your family's needs, Pack an evacuation Kit, Evaluate Your Food Supply, Develop a Communications System, Do without Electricity.

It wasn't raining when Noah built the Ark, Family Preparedness Hints, by Tami Girsberger

Month-to-Month Gardening: Tips for Designing, Growing, and Maintaining Your Utah Garden

Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times, by Steve Solomon

Growing your Own Vegetables: an Enclyclopedia of Country Living Guide, by Carla Emery and Lorene Edwards Forkner

The Compost Specialist/The essential guide to creating and using garden compost, and using potting and seed composts by David Squire

Newspaper, Pennies, Cardboard and Eggs for Growing a Better Garden, by Roger Yepsen and the Editors of Organic Gardening, More than 400 new, fun, and ingenious ideas to keep your garden growing great all season long

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Preserving Food, Karen K Brees, Ph.D. Can it. Freeze it. Pickle it. Preserve it. Here's how.

The ABC's of Home Food Dehydration, by Barbara Densley

A Cook's Guide to Grains: Delicious Recipes, Culinary Advice and Nutritional Facts, by Jenni Muir

The Solar Food Dryer: How to make and Use Your Own High Performance, Sun Powered Food Dehydrator, by Eben Fodor

Wonderful Wheat, Hearty Grains for Healthy Homes by Anne Casbeer

Pantry Cooking: Quick and Easy Food Storage Recipes, by Laura Robins

Wheat Cookin' Made Easy, by Pam Crockett

Whole Grains: Easy Everyday Recipes, by Betty Crocker

Bob's Red Mill Baking Book: More than 400 Recipes, Featuring Whole and Healthy Grains

Rice and Grains: The best-ever step-by-step Recipe Book, 80 Sensational High-Fiber, low-GI recipes shown in 400 colorful photographs. Supercharge your diet w/ nutritious rice, oats, wheat, barley, rye, corn and quinoa. Editor: Rosie Gordon

The Essential Food Storage Cookbook, by Tami Girsberger and Carol Peterson. Combining Food Storage with Everyday Ingredients for Delicious Food.

The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest, by Carol W. Costenbader

Veggie Lovers Cook Book - Animal-Free Vegetarian Recipes (Utah State Ext.)

Cooking with Food Storage, Made Easy, by Debbie G. Harman, Hundreds of tasty, money-saving recipes your family will love!

Bean Lovers Cookbook, A Bounty of Bean Recipes (Utah State Ext.)

Slow Cooker Recipe Collection, 3 cookbooks in 1,

Essentials of Home Production and Storage, $1.50 LDS Church Publication

"Bee Prepared", A Provident Living Resource (available through Sheryl, Cost $15)